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Sixth day of Mission

On our sixth day we helped host a retreat in a community where we felt God needed us to spread his word. Semillas de Fe not only works with children, Semillas de Fe also works with the community, families, teens, and young adults. Evangelizing not only come in forms of teaching the scriptures, but in being an example. God lives in us and in every child, we must help them and love them.

Fifth Day Of Mission

Our Final day with this community ! We hope that God has touched at least one of them during our mission. Semillas de Fe hopes to plant a seed of faith within each one of these children and hope that they flourish to the beautiful people they are. God has brought us here for a reason, and we will continue to pray for these children everyday, if there is anything you want to help with, prayer is very powerful....keep all the children in the world in your prayers.

Fourth Day of Mission

On this day, we have arrived at another community to work with. We did exciting dynamics such as hot potato, molding clay, drawing, frames for pictures. Open your arms to every child and give them an opportunity..

Third day of Mission

On our third day and we have learned so much, especially about each child and their ability to love beyond comprehension. All they need is someone to show them that they are also loved.. On our third day being with these children, we have gotten to know many of them personally and what their living conditions were like. Many come from abused and neglected homes, but yet they still manage to come to our camp and give us smiles and share beautiful moments with us as we try to provide all that we can for them. Through many of our activities we teach the children that each and every single one of them are important and that they are loved by God. Each child we encountered bring their own stories

Second Day of Mission

On this day, Grupo Rica (a company in Dominican Republic) came in to teach the children about nutrition in an exciting way. The team from Grupo Rica came into the community to teach the children about basic nutrition facts and the children loved it. They learned to distinguish foods according to the food pyramid, and learned about the importance of food, especially what certain foods do to our bodies. Throughout the day we provided activities, though we had a great day with much laughter and great moments, there are times in our days where we are reminded that this mission is not easy. During these moments, we are faced with many obstacles that we struggle with, yet our mission is not about

First Day of Our Mission of 2016

Our First day of Mission with the children of the community in Dominican Republic. Arriving at a new community ready with activities and fun dynamics. We teach children through the means of arts (dance, songs, art & craft, skits, etc.) God's love does not only belong to the rich, but to all people. These children needs someone to teach them about God and our mission involves activities based on God's love. We come here to serve, not to be served!

Beginning of the Mission 2016

Here is our mission journey of 2016 with Semillas De Fe! We believe every child deserves an opportunity, and most especially, God's unconditional love. We are here to show these children God's love through our activities and our actions. With this mission, we have encountered a lot of trials and tribulations, but through Christ and a lot of prayers, we have managed to move forward with our mission! God has planted seeds in our hearts and our hopes are to plant seeds of faith within each child. May God bless you all.

Misiones 2016/Mission 2016

Este verano desde julio 22 a agosto 3, 2016 , el equipo de voluntarios y misioneros del hogar Semillas de Fe tuvo su 6to campamento de verano. Fueron unas semanas intensas donde nuestros ninos tuvieron la oportunidad de aprender a reconocer la importancia de ser importante y sentirse amado por Dios. Nuestro campamento incluyo; Juegos con sentido moral y eticos, La compania RICA nos acompano y presento una excelente comedia llamado "La ciencia y la Nutricion"y Concluimos esta mision con un retiro para jovenes llamado "ATREVETE A CREER, donde participaron 12o jovenes de la comunidad La Capilla en Cbarera, MTS. Gracias a tods lo que hicieron posible esta mision, especialmente a Nuestro equipo,

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