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We need YOU. 

Become a volunteer today!

We are looking for volunteers for our programs!

We are a volunteer-driven organization and are seeking motivated and compassionate volunteers (medical and non- medical).

Becoming a volunteer for Hogar de Niños Semillas de Fe is an experience like no other. Not only will you be blessed to witness a culture full of beauty and art but you will have the ability to travel into the deep and forgotten culture. More than a third of the Dominican population lives in poverty and survives on less than $100 a month. Due to locations of these inner campos, it is difficult for government aids to supply resources to the families living there. Hogar de Niños Semillas de Fe helps to plant seeds of hope and faith in these forgotten homes in attempt of creating a better world.
We cannot do this alone, we need YOU!
Help us help others by becoming a volunteer today.


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Interested in volunteering with Hogar de Niños Semillas de Fe?

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