"The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway."

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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A Few Words From Pilar...

Today, March 2020 we are facing hard times with these Pandemic called Coronavirus. And many people are scared and without hope as they continue to watch the devastating news of all the deaths, but failing to see all those that have overcome it. God still among us. 


God is also among the children of Las Abejas, whom without any knowledge of all that is going on continue to play outside their homes in the villages. I only pray that God continues to keep them safe.  God's hand is among us.  God has not forgotten us. I just think that in our desperation we forget He is there. Our fears block to see the blessings that may come out of all of these.  God is faithful and He will not let His children despair, Just as He did with the people of Israel.  

Lets humble ourselves into His presence and recognize He is God and that He is in control.

Peace and trust to all of you



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